We went the Irvine Meadows show for Dierks Bentley’s “Somewhere On A Beach” tour.  This review was right on the money.


As a HUGE Dierks Bentley fan, I’ve been anxiously waiting for Dierks Bentley to announce an Arizona show. Unfortunately, this year has yet to bring Dierks Bentley home. During a trip to Denver, Colorado I was able to get tickets to Dierks sold-out show at my bucket list venue – Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. The drive to the venue was short, but beautiful. The fall temps brought a perfect 75 degrees. The change of seasons made the trees full of vibrant autumn colors. Once at Red Rocks Amphitheater, we hiked up to the top. We took our time observing the beautiful scenery and the stage below before making our way down to our seats. When the concert began, all of the red rocks lit up from the lights. There was a cool breeze in the air making this bucket list experience perfect.


Tucker Beathard

The show was opened with a newcomer to the country scene named Tucker Beathard. Beathard has been touring with Dierks for the better part of the year. He opened the show with “Fight Like Hell,” finished up with “Whiskey in a Wine Glass,” and his current radio single, “Rock On”. Beathard was great. He had the crowed warmed up and ready to go for the rest of the night. Beathard is a new country artist worth keeping your eye on. At one point during the show Dierks joked about for the first time they had a caterer on tour, Beathard would always leave and get Taco Bell for dinner instead. So, Dierks said he would be giving Tucker a $1,000 gift card for Taco Bell for touring with him. Tucker Beathard sure knows how to “Rock on!“


Randy Houser

Randy Houser came out of the gates on fire. He started off with his recent #1 song “We Went” and it brought a contagious and exhilarating energy to the crowd. He went on to play more well-known songs such as “Goodnight Kiss”, “How Country Feels”, “Boots On”, and “Like a Cowboy”. Houser took advantage of this opportunity and held nothing back during his performance. He used his time to make an amazing impression on the crowd and prove he has a showmanship like no other. After the set was finished Houser asked the audience if he would take a moment to a take a picture with the band because he was truly amazed at the beautiful surroundings. Randy Houser is the perfect example of Pure Country and that is how he was received by the audience.


Dierks Bentley

The anticipation for Dierks Bentley to grace the stage was unreal. When he came out, there was electricity from the excitement running through the veins of the fans. Bentley opened with “On the Ridge” from his bluegrass roots. It was a huge surprise that was eagerly accepted as the crowd went wild. His set included “Tip it on Back,” “Am I the Only One,” “What the Hell Did I Say,” “I Hold On,” “It’s Different for Girls,” and many more. Surprisingly, “Black” made it on the set. Bentley spoke of the importance of the song title and what his beautiful wife means to him. At one point during the show, Bentley compared the Red Rocks setting to a big church with how the seating is arranged, “Well, a church where you can drink beer,” according to Bentley.

One of the many high points during Bentley’s performance was the introduction of Maren Morris to the stage to perform their duet “I’ll be the Moon.” They also performed “Bad Angel” with Randy Houser. Bentley’s big finale was “Drunk on a Plane” where the front part of a plane cruised on stage. Dierks fumbled around attempting to get out of the plane in an act to look a bit tipsy which got the crowd going even louder. After Dierks exited the plane more people continued to pile out. All of the plane passengers were dressed in footsie pajamas or some type of costume. This made a perfect ending to a unforgettable show. Red Rocks Amphitheater is a must see venue filled with a breath taking view surrounded by beautiful scenery. It was an honor to see Dierks Bentley perform at this iconic venue. I can’t wait to him again in his home state of Arizona!


Link to the original review source.  https://countryinaz.com/concert-review-dierks-bentley-red-rocks-amphitheater/